Confessions of an un-guru

Letter from Phil is supposed to get to you every weekend, but I've just realized why it hardly ever gets written on time.

It's not me being lazy. I'm just being an un-guru.

The thing is I'm living the often dreamt of "internet lifestyle", where my websites bring in so much money that I now work when and where I want.

If you can even call it work.

And because I work from an isolated home, on the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere, I often lose track of what day it is. Even what week. Though I haven't gone as far as thinking it's November, when really it's only May.

Just kidding, I know it's only April :)

I'm not sure that admitting that I lose track of the days is a good thing to be talking about, or not.

But you see, I live such a relaxed, laid back life these days, that I just don't NEED to know whether it's a Monday, Thursday, or Saturday. Or a Tuesday, Sunday, or Friday come to that.

I can't get newspapers delivered to the mountain top, and I rarely watch TV. Even my watch, which displays the day and date, is always wrong because it's one of those fancy self-winding jobs that rely's on my body movement to power it. And I don't move much except for my long daily walks when I don't wear my watch because I'm often scrambling over rocks or sliding down scree slopes into the valleys or onto a beach.

Anyway, this kind of lifestyle puts me at odds with many of the internet marketing "guru's" out there, especially the ones on the seminar and bootcamp circuit.

Many of them seem to pump out new products and sales letters every few weeks, and they rely on staying in the public eye at seminars to help sell their products. I've even heard some marketers describe these seminars as "sellathons" which really bothers me.

Now when you're in my situation, and you have somewhere between 50 and a 100 websites bringing in an income, there's just not the same kind of pressure to continually "perform" and promote ones self.

And I just I hate "selling" stuff to you. Which is why, most of the time and with the majority of my sites, I concentrate on niches well away from the marketing/affiliate program area. That way I don't personally know the people buying stuff and I don't feel guilty selling to them.

Look, I know that this is a crazy kind of way to feel. Both you and I know that we're all in this internet marketing stuff for the money. That's what it's all about. Learning how to make a living working from home, being able to take the day off whenever we feel like it, without a boss breathing down our necks, without the threat of redundancy hanging over us, without that long commute into work every morning. Without even having to get out of bed until we feel like it.

Trouble is I'm living that life now, and if I feel like taking a month off I just do it. Which means no Letter from Phil.

Look, I'll try and be better at writing it. I've been sick, but I'm over it and I've got no excuse for not writing now.

Only one blot on the landscape. I'm off to China and Thailand in a couple of weeks time, so I don't know what's going to happen then. It's possible I'll find a way of writing to you. And after that I'm heading on a trip to England, but writing from there is never a problem. I do it every year.)

Perhaps, if you're in one of those countries, we can meet up for a chat and a drink.

Just don't expect me to be one of those internet marketing guru's.

I'm an un-guru and proud of it :)


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