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Back issues here Issue321 | Jan 27th 2005

My niche experiment that worked.

Many times last year I said that you've got to look outside this way too overcrowded internet marketing field if you want to succeed on the 'net.

In this field you're competing against seasoned pros, including some who act as though they'd set their grandmother on fire if they thought a crowd would pay to watch her burn.

Don't forget there's a whole wide world out there. People are searching for information (and buying products) on thousands and thousands of different things that these seasoned marketing pro's have never turned their hand to.

Why struggle to compete at trying to make sales in this small, over-crowded, over-competitive internet marketing arena when there are vast numbers of buyers for other things?

So until I'm blue in the face or get bored, whichever comes sooner, I'm going to keep on talking about niches and niche marketing.

They were the buzz words last year and they're going to be the buzz words again this year.


Now I'm not about to start pushing that Frank Kern DVD set on you that every woman and her man seem to be promoting at the moment (no doubt the information in it is excellent though at a high price. But I haven't seen a preview of the package so I can't really give my views).

DVD sets like Frank's will help you make some short cuts, and they will help you a lot if you're a beginner, but they won't help at all with the number one reason why most people don't succeed online - and that's failing to take action.


OK, I'm writing at speed here, so I'll probably repeat myself two or three times. Bear with me.

What you really need to do is:

# set aside a lot of time.

# treat this whole thing like the business it is, and use the right tools for the job.

# do research on what people are buying online.

# then use the right software tools to research these markets, and build niche site after niche site using programs like my current favorite SEO Website Builder

# Importantly you also need to use your brain.

# You need to think about what subjects you can build sites on.

# You need to create or find products to sell on those sites.

# And you need to put a LOT of hard work in.

(sorry about that last one but there's no avoiding it).


I've said this before - I look on niche marketing as a numbers game. I used to advise that you follow your passions when building a site, but I quickly ran out of passions and found that I could do just well with things I didn't even like to think about. Sites on hemorrhoids for example :)

Look at it this way. If you've got a hundred web sites all making you $3 a day on average you're making 2100 a week. Knock off 100 a week for domain names and hosting expenses and you're looking at a six figure annual income.

It's the way I've worked for quite a while now. As detailed in the big interview I did for the book I wrote about last week Niche Site Confessions.

(By the way, something I didn't make clear last week is that I wrote well over a third of that book. So if you're interested snap it up while the special offer is still running).


I was just reading, in an old (London) Sunday Times magazine, that the average person spends 25 years of their life asleep.

If you want to succeed online I'd like to suggest that you aim to sleep a bit less than that. And, according to the piece I read, you'll also live longer if you cut back an hour a day on your sleep.

Disclaimer: this is NOT medical advice. Consult your physician and the person you sleep with before going to bed later.



Ok, back to niches again, and I want to talk about the Nicheology member site and how I use it.

Nicheology is NOT a how-to site. It's a source of products you can sell from your niche sites. There is some how-to stuff, plus some research is done for you. But mainly it's the cheapest niche product source you'll ever come across.

Here's how I use it, and it's a fairly easy way to earn good money from niche sites. What you're going to read below is exactly how one days hard work will make me over $3000 this year.

It's step-by-step so you can easily repeat my success.

I'm going to show you you EXACTLY what I did to earn almost $10 a day every day of the week from one site.



# 1. Join Nicheology which has opened up to new memberships again after loosing over half their members because of a billing problem.

Note: since writing this newsletter a few weeks ago the membership cap for Nicheology has been reached and you can no longer join.

# 2. Inside you'll find around 29 ebooks on lots of different subjects - which you can sell from niche sites you build.

Here's a list of the ebooks there at the moment. Another couple are added each month.

How To Plan a Successful Conference or Seminar
A Basic Guide To Starting an Investment Club
Your Guide To Successfully Setting Goals
62 Ways To Save Mon-ey At the Gas Pump
How To Start Your Own Coaching and Consulting Business
Baby's First Year: What Every Parent Needs To Know
Healthy Sleep: A Guide To Natural Sleep Remedies
The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Boxer Dog Happy, Healthy and Obedient
How To Buy a Car Without Getting Ripped Off!
How To Become a Chef
A 12 Minute Guide To Starting a Retail Business
A Quick Guide To Stopping Spam...Once and for All!
Your Basic Guide To Acing Any Job Interview
101 Tips for Growing and Enjoying Your Own Great Rose Garden
How To Break Into the Interior Design Industry!
101 Scrapbooking Tips Guide To Online Dating and Matchmaking
You Can Do It! How To Finally Stop Smoking Once and For All
101 Tips for Preventing and Treating Your Headache
The Free Publicity Manual
101 Success Tips To Take You Straight To The Top
101 Ways to Put More Mon-ey Into Your Pocket
The Authorized User Guide to Blogging
101 Ways to Get In Better Shape and Stay That Way
101 Ways to Build Happy, Lasting Relationships
The Ultimate Time Management Guide
Low Ca-rb Di-et eBook: Over 300 Healthy Recipes

All the books are especially written for Nicheology, and you're allowed to do just about anything you want with them except offer resale rights to them. So you can sell them. Rework them a little to improve them. Rewrite them a lot and put your own name to them, etc.

Now here's what I did to earn the ten dollars a day. It was an experiment that worked.

#1. I picked just one of the ebooks for my test.

#2. I bought a suitable domain name and hosted it on one of my reseller accounts.

# 3. I used Wordtracker to research the keyword phrases that people are actually using to search for the subject the ebook is about.

# 4. I then picked the best 100 phrases using Dr Andy Williams Keyword Results Analyzer to "fine tune" the Wordtracker results.

( Note: steps 3, 4, and 5 are very important. Without spending quite a bit of time on keyword research you're almost certainly doomed to failure )

#5. I used the resulting keyword list to build a quick site with Traffic Equalizer. Any program that builds well linked together pages from keyword lists will do the job.

# 6. I got my assistant at the time, Kate, to go into each page of the site and remove the "content" put there by Traffic Eq. We couldn't work out how to do this automatically so it was all done by hand.

# 7. She then split the Nicheology ebook into segments of about 300 words each and using the keyword phrase list she slightly rewrote each 300 word block to include the keyword phrase a few times.

# 8. Next, again by hand, she pasted this new content into the almost empty Traffic Equalizer pages.

This was long, boring work and took her over eight hours.I was paying her around US$14 an hour which means the experiment cost me just over $120. Though it cost Kate more in the energy it drained from her :)

# I've since discovered scripts that would do some of that work and make things a lot quicker/less mind numbing. Here's a good one, and in fact it bypasses the need to use Traffic Eq or anything else because it turns a book or any other text content into a full website. Read about it here.

For around 3 months I thought that the experiment had failed. But then it started to kick in. By the end of the 4th month it was making 5 or 6 a day. And like I said that site now averages around $10 a day.

If it keeps producing those figures it's going to make over $3000 a year. All for a days hard work and being a member of Nicheology.

This can be repeated with all of the books. Though, of course, it's not the only way to use them. Most people probably just sell them from their sites.

Note: this wasn't an experiment to find the worth of Nicheology. I already know the worth of Nicheology.

It was to see if sites built with Traffic Equalizer, and then modified by removing the search engine listings and replacing them with "proper" content survived in the search engines. The answer is they do. And they work well.

Note: Whether sites built with Traffic Equalizer and not modified by replacing the content still work is a matter for debate. Unmodified sites built with it seem to quickly vanish from the search engines. I've had no problem though with sites changed by adding content as described above.

Here are all the urls mentioned in this weeks letter.

SEO Website Builder

Niche Site Confessions



Keyword Results Analyzer

Traffic Equalizer

Public Domain Content site builder

And one I haven't mentioned yet, a free report from Dr Andy, on how to use Wordtracker

Ok, that's it.

Start working. Start building. Take action.




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