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Niche Site Confessions .

I'm kicking off the year with a bang because I've just featured in a new book that you're going to want to read if you're at all interested in niche marketing.

It's called Niche Site Confessions.

I now deeply regret doing the interview.

That's not some kind of reverse psychology sales spiel (I'm not that clever).

I really DO regret doing it.

Not because I've spilled out everything that I know about coming up with ideas for niche sites, and then then quickly turning those ideas into profitable sites.

And not because I'm scared of people "stealing" my ideas and copying my sites (though naturally I don't like it when that happens).

No, I regret doing the interview for a far more mercenary reason.


What I should have done was put all the same information into a book of my own and made a small fortune selling it.

I've spilled out everything that I know, including some keyword research results that I wish I'd kept to myself.

And I've not held anything back. I've written down, step-by-step,
exactly how you can put out dozens of profitable sites.

You might have a problem coming up with ideas for web sites, but I show you how to come up with tons of ideas for niche sites in just a few minutes.

You'll also learn how to decide if these ideas are going to work and are likely to be profitable. And which tools to use to speed things up.

There's more, of course.

Especially from the other two people featured in the book. And check out the bonus books - they've got a wealth of affiliate "how-to" information in them.

Anyway I've arranged a special deal for you here

It's about a third off the price you'll find on the main page. BTW the "sales" letter on this special offer page isn't brilliant. So when you get there follow the link to the main page to read more.

Ok, that's it for today. Hope you enjoy reading the interviews
and find them VERY useful.

ps. Lots of people have said to me that the "look" of the web site isn't very professional. I agree, Codrut should have got a web designer in to do it. But remember, it's the content that counts.




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